May 11

Sleeve for my Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet

I purchased a Wacom Bamboo Create tablet a couple weeks ago to assist in graphics creation and editing for the site, and it was getting scratches in my backpack. I decided it needed a cover.

I started by measuring the tablet:


Then made a quick sketch in Paper for the case design:


I didn’t want the fuss of a zipper, but did want something that would protect the edges and corners well. I decided a shape like a manilla envelope would work well. This let me cut a single piece rather than multiple, minimize the bulk created by seams, and move most of that bulk from the edges to flat surfaces where they wouldn’t be noticeable. I intentionally left the bottom seam to provide a bit more cushion in case my bag gets dropped or set down hard.

From the sketch I created a pattern:


If you blow up the picture you can see how I sketched in the dimension lines and then added the details of the angles afterwards. Note that I cut only half the pattern out of poster board, and will cut through two thicknesses of the fabric when I cut out the pattern. I also always make my patterns to the finished size, and add seam allowances when I cut. That lets me vary the seam allowance to match the sort of fabric I’m cutting and the type of seam (interlock vs overlock, for instance) that I will use for stitching up.

I chose some dark green fleece for the lining and some sage green wool gaberdine for the outer fabric:


The wrinkling and pulling of the outer fabric is because I didn’t think through how much bulk was added by the lining.  I should have cut the outer layer a bit larger.

It works well! No more scratches!

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  1. Kelli Lattyak

    Very nice! I recently purchased a Bamboo Create and am experiencing the same desire for a case. I wish you were selling these!

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