Sep 09

Tutorials are now for sale online!

I have been steadily but quietly working on Hack Your Clothes related projects. There is a very big announcement coming soon, of which some of my friends are aware. As a teaser I have acquired lots of antique and vintage machines, and have been working up tutorials and patterns as well as some project pieces. Many folks know I’m planning to teach both locally and remotely, and a few of you have heard me nattering about book plans. That’s not the big news, though. For the details you’ll just have to stay tuned!

I would have been making faster progress, except that we bought a house around the start of the year, and it has required a lot of sweat equity. That’s almost done now, and I’m looking forward to being a full time fiber artist who does some home improvement projects in her spare time rather than a full time general contractor who occasionally sits down at her sewing machine. The good news for Hack Your Clothes is that the new house has much more space and is more conveniently located.

In the meantime I have configured a store at Square for Hack Your Clothes!

Currently for sale are the Turn Signal Hoodie class I taught at the Seattle Art Museum a couple months ago, and the first tutorial in a “learn to sew” series called “Origami Bags.” This pattern is the Three Square Bag, and is very easy for a beginner.

I have the info pages up in the menu bar under tutorials, but here are direct links:

2014-03-20 12.45.18.jpg

Three Square Origami Bag

Turn Signal Hoodie no txt

Turn Signal Hoodie

There is much more excitement coming very soon, I promise!

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