Hack Your Clothes is the brain child of Jennifer “Jennigma” Leigh.


Jennifer was raised surrounded by fabric and yarn, with a father who was a textile engineer and a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who sewed, knit, crocheted, tatted, and could more or less make anything they wanted with their own two hands. She learned to knit at the age of 4 and sewed her first dress from start to finish at age 8.

She went on to use sewing skills to supplement her income in college and grad school, as well as at several low points in her professional life. She has created elaborate costumes for medieval recreation, costumes for various arts groups, wedding dresses and other clothing. She has also created a wide variety of upholstery, bedding, bags and other sewn and knitted goods. She has been publishing knitting patterns since 2008.

Lately Jennifer has been spending much of her time in the maker community, and was struck by how little textile technology knowledge had seeped into the minds of these brilliant and otherwise knowledgeable folks. At the same time she was exploring the online resources for sewing and textiles, and finding that, with the notable exception of knitting which benefits from knitty.com and ravelry.com, textiles are not well served by online communities.

Hack Your Clothes was born from Jennifer’s passion for teaching people about textiles and desire to use the internet to help spread this information widely.

Jennifer is a 40ish mom of a wonderful 10 yr old boy. She also has two cats, one of whom is an ancient retired Russian spy. She has a deep engineering background, but she found over time she enjoyed building teams more than writing code and designing networks so spent 15 years in technical project management.

Jennifer can be reached as jennigma at gmail.

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