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Jan 08

Free Motion Quilting Set Me Free!

Actually I think it may have been the Daily Pages I’ve been doing since we got back from Texas at the suggestion of Donna Druchunas more than the Free Motion Quilting. But lookkit:

Jan 07

To The Moon!!

On a lark, I got a vintage sewing machine. I showed her picture to David, and he decided we needed to have her. I drove down to Tacoma and picked her up from a lovely woman whose hobby is restoring vintage machines. She fixes them up and then is done with them, so she sells them to have $$ and space to buy the next one. I got a perfectly cleaned and tuned machine for a song. Machine, table, and stool were $100. There were also a bunch of attachments that came with, and I’ve only explored a few of those. 

Sep 20

Making a Wallet from Spoonflower

I’ve been intrigued with ever since I first encountered them. I decided I wanted to order and make some of their cut and sew patterns, as I am thinking about creating some of my own. Tuesday an envelope appeared in the mail:

Jun 20

A Brief History of Textiles and Labor: Do you know what *really* made the Luddites so angry?

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Jun 15

First Machine Knitting Class

I have been quietly working behind the scenes here at Hack Your Clothes. Last weekend was the Seattle Mini Maker Faire, where I demoed the machines and generally tried to get people excited about making their clothes and other textiles more awesome.

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