Hack Your Clothes is the brain child of Jennifer “Jennigma” Leigh.

She can be reached as jennigma at gmail,

or drop by Hack Your Clothes night at Metrix on Monday nights.


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  1. LInda Holmes

    I have sent several request to sign up for your news letter and can’t get the confirmation link to work. It keeps telling me ( No subscriber found.) What am I doing wrong? It’s telling me to click the link to confirm. And every time I do it keeps telling me the same thing. Can you help???

    1. Jennifer Leigh

      Thanks for letting me know; I’ll look into it. I haven’t put together a newsletter in ages; been focused on development and on teaching locally on a small scale. I need to get back to developing the list, though!

  2. Missy

    I tried to subscribe through RSS feed, but it does not work. Have you thought of putting a button for Bloglovin’ and GFC on your side bar for people to follow you through? I never read newsletters, they get lost in my emails.

    1. Jennifer Leigh

      I’ll look into getting links for popular aggregators and will fix the RSS feed today; as I mentioned below this blog has been neglected for a while and is in need of a tune-up. Thanks!!

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