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Turn Signal Hoodie

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The Turn Signal Hoodie project is a simple circuit sewn by hand into ordinary clothing to make something useful and fun. For about $15 in materials you can add switches and lights to your clothes that add to your visibility when riding a bike in the dark, or get creative with the placement and have them just for fun.

The only skills needed are the ability to thread a needle and make stitches with it, and the ability to tie a knot in thread.

This tutorial will teach you what you need to know about the circuit and its components. You can do this!


  • Hoodie or sweatshirt
  • At least five yards of conductive thread
  • 10 LED’s of an appropriate type (see appendix)
  • A scrap of thick fabric to make two “soft switches”
  • Two sewable 2032 coin cell battery holders
  • Two 2032 coin cell batteries

Necessary Tools:

  • A pair of needle nose or jewelry pliers to shape the LED’s and coin cell holder leads
  • chalk or other washable fabric marker
  • Scissors for clipping thread
  • Two needles sized for the thread
  • Seam ripper- just in case!

Recommended Tools:

  • Multimeter
  • LED tester
  • “Fray Check” or super glue to keep thread from fraying
  • Fabric tape to glue switches to cuffs
  • Needle threader
  • Hole punch to make a hole in the soft switch
  • Safety pins to mark locations of LED’s


Throughout the pattern I’ll be defining sewing vocabulary terms. All of these definitions are also included at the end of the tutorial in the “Lexicon” section.

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